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Racing Safety Equipment
Racing Suits
DJ Safety Racing Suits
Standard DJ Safety fire resitant suits come in one solid color with contrasting trim. Racing suits are offered in either one or two piece styles, differing materials up to four layers thick and a range of colours and sizes to your requirement.
DJ Safety Parachute systems title=
DJ Safety manufactures a wide variety of parachutes for racing including Nylon and Kevlar models. Manufactured to strict tolerances for specific classes, these chutes are designed to open reliably and softly with excellent stopping.
Fire Supression Systems
DJ Safety fire suppression systems
Djsafety’s ColdFire is a harmless plant and water based fire suppressing agent for class B oil/fuel fires. It suppresses quickly, prevents reflash, is safe to store, handle and use. Leaves virtually no residue and is environmentally safe.
Engine Diapers
DJ Safety Engine Diapers
DJ Safety engine diapers are available in bullet proof, carbon fiber, lightweight Kevlar and Ballistic Nylon. Quick disconnect straps are included along with re-usable, snap-in absorbent pads - the finest engine diapers on the market!
SFI recertification services is an authorized dealer of DJ Safety products and can refill, service and recertify fire bottles to SFI 17.1 spec and provide this level of quality assurance for a wide variety of racecar safety and performance products.
Racing Operations
Racing operations
DJ Safety Europe has a fully equipped workshop (based at Krivan Drag-Racing) providing customers with installation, modification and special fabrication services and advice for racing and motorsports safety equipment.